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Front cover of Rebalance Your Body Type

The need to enhance stress resistance and maximize immune and detoxification functions is more critical than ever in our current environment. The balance of energy and hydration is the law of nature. The key to health is the harmony of bodily functions. Your constitution results from the product of yin and yang movements at all levels of the body. Dr. Karen's vast clinical experience in integrative medicine and nutrition will show you * How to identify your body type * Why balance your body type is important * What genetic tests show your predisposition * Which blood tests to use to confirm deficiencies * What superfoods and supplements to use for your body type

Front cover to Life saving keys 藥用族保命營養密碼

As we face the unprecedented global pandemic, we should ensure that we have a balanced, healthy immunity, and address any nutritional losses from medication use and side effects. This book explains pharmacology in plain terms, addresses medication side effects, and systematically open the lifesaving keys: What questions should everyone ask about their prescriptions? How to prevent nutrition losses from chronic diseases and their medications? Don t let chronic disease steal your nutrition and health! Let integrative medicine save you from side effects and achieve long term health

[Book is in Chinese]

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We have trying for a baby in the past 4 years. With the support from Dr. Karen, her team, and my current OBGyn, I am now 38 weeks pregnant with a healthy baby!


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